YSR Dignitary Hoody (Unisex)

YSR Dignitary Hoody (Unisex)

59 EUR

Available for a limited time only!

Goethe's Colour Theory (Blue-Red):

An unquiet feeling increases as the hue progresses, and it may be safely assumed, that a carpet of a perfectly pure deep blue-red would be intolerable. On this account, when it is used for dress, ribbons, or other ornaments, it is employed in a very attenuated and light state, and thus displays its character as above defined, in a peculiarly attractive manner. As the higher dignitaries of the church have appropriated this unquiet color to themselves, we may venture to say that it unceasingly aspires to the cardinal’s red through the restless degrees of a still impatient progression.

Due to the tie-dye process the Hoodies are already pre-shrunk and therefore will most likely be smaller than expected. We recommend to order at least one size larger than usual! Daniel is 183 cm tall and wears a size XL.
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